hot damn.

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I guess it was about the time I left that comforts of my air conditioned apartment this morning and entered the sweltering hallway when it hit me…..”it’s f’n hot as ball$”. Sorry if thats overly scientific but its the truth. So much so that authorities issued an actual heat wave advisory for greater Seoul and with temps shooting skywards of 37 degrees celsius in Daegu, its probably not just me mumbling vulgar expletives as our shirts magically transform into less than flattering wetsuit tops. Now, the masses are keen on using parasols and umbrellas but i’ve been pretty good about soaking up the vitamin D until today. Slap a little spf on the old noggin and i’m good but the dog days of summer in south Korea are no joke…..just ask Eunee…she’s a dog and she’s not even trying to bite my eyelids while I nap anymore. Depressing.

For more on the story, hit up the link to Yonhap’s article also has some fun maps to help you keep up with the regions weather haps.

Feelin the heat where you are? Share with us what its like where you are these days!

hydrate yo-self,


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