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We have AWESOME news everyone! We have hit a milestone on our Youtube channel! If you can’t guess what it was from the title, then watch the video below!


Thank you to our awesome viewers!!
We know that it doesn’t mean too much to other youtubers (I don’t see them making videos like this about a million views—it’s usually about getting a million SUBSCRIBERS), but we think it’s important to set realistic goals every year and achieve them.

Our Youtube goals for 2014

At the beginning of 2014 we set goals for our channel, and reaching 1 million views was one of them!
Also on the list:

  • Reaching 5,000 subscribers
  • Vlogging every day for 2 months of the year
  • More collabs with fellow youtubers
  • Pull the trigger on big project ideas

So far we’re making amazing progress on our yearly goals and we still have over 5 months left in 2014!

Our Most Viewed Videos

Since we’re celebrating a view count milestone, I’d like to highlight some of our most viewed videos here.

#1 Eating Live Octopus – 108,330 views
This is our most-viewed video! It’s not for those with weak hearts (or stomachs)!

#2 Clouds Timelapse – 70,599 views
Evan loves making timelapse videos. This one is from NM, and we didn’t expect it to get a lot of views at all!

#3 Street Food in Hongdae – 62,159 views
Also an old video, with our old first into! So cute! Street food + Hongdae is a golden combination, obviously.

It’s so much fun to look back at old videos and see how far we have come. We definitely couldn’t do this without you guys, so thank you again to our loyal viewers!! Here’s to another million views and many more adventures to come!

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