Hiroshima, Japan Neighborhood Bicycle Tour

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I’m fortunate to have been able to move into my new apartment in between contracts since leaving Korea. It gave me time to settle in, depressurize, and explore my new surroundings.

My neighborhood is a bit away from the city center in Hiroshima which has both positives and negatives. The negatives being pretty obvious – I’m away from the more exciting vibe of being in the thick of the city and seeing what life is like uptown (or downtown, as they refer to it here). The positives are living in a quieter area with less hustle, and being around more pleasant surroundings, in my opinion.

I have an action cam that has really turned out to be the best tool for sharing the sights of locations I live in or vacation in. They are tiny, take videos with incredible clarity, and are so easy to just take out and shoot whenever I want to.

A perfect example is deciding to share my neighborhood surroundings. I have a head strap mount and it worked perfectly to show where I live. My neighborhood is a mixture of great convenience of stores and sleepy, family neighborhoods. I am also very close (walking distance) to the ocean. It’s not beach-style ocean, but it’s still the water. Something I have always been drawn to. Hence, the reason I moved to Florida.

Enjoy the leisurely ride through my new home neighborhood. I try to comment throughout most of it to give you some background on what you’re looking at and how things work here in Hiroshima, Japan.


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