Happy White Day!

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Today, March 14th in Korea is "White Day" (it's also Pi Day, which I'm really bummed that went almost the whole day without realizing it- and missed both times to celebrate 3/14 at 1:59 and 26 seconds).  White Day is the male counterpart of Valentine's Day - which is where women give chocolate to the  man in their life and then a month later, the men reciprocate. 

I wasn't really expecting anything to come out of this day other than chocolate to be on sale tomorrow, but as usual, I was wrong.

First, our principal who is both laid back and no-nonsense bought a basket of goodies for all the teachers in the office (which are all girls except one outnumbered guy).  It was nice and filled with candied nuts and little cookies and some gummy candies and hung out in the staff office to be grazed on all day.
It's kind of a miracle that all my kids sat quietly and listened for most of the day.

Then during my teaching today's weekly 'Cooking' class  (where kindergarteners spread jam on bread and call it cooking) one of the Korean teachers comes in with a shirt box full of candies and cookies and other sweet treats from Leo's Dad. 

I'll introduce my kiddos better in a later post, but from right to left it's: Clara, Speed, Owen, Leo, and Holly.
I was able to pull them away from the box of candy for half a second to snap this picture, forget about them giving me enough focus to take a second one. 

They ate their jam on bread and broke into some of the cookies and candies.  Then the plastic bags came out, and the floodgates of grabby hands opened up. 
Crystal, one of the Korean teachers who helps me get the kids ready to leave in the afternoon and who brought out the plastic baggies, grabbed me a few things.  I was just going to take whatever was left- which would have been nothing.  But I myself also got some loot to take home. 

I gave some of my stuff to my afternoon classes, but this is what made it home.  I also had some TimTams when the box first arrived, which are always awesome.  I also got a lovely fake plastic rose to top it all off.  

So Happy White Day!  Happy Pi Day! I'm now going to go sleep off my sugar coma.

From Busan With Love,

P.S. I also wanted to welcome my new Worwick co-workers Barbie, Mike, and Marci to Busan!

From Roam with Love




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