Happy Pepero Day

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South Korea — 해피 빼빼로 데이~ Aside from Valentine’s day and White day, today marks another sweet occasion especially for high school students and couples. Today, Korea celebrates Pepero day. If one haven’t heard about Pepero, it’s a pretzel covered with chocolate, white or dark, almonds, melon or strawberry produced by Lotte. It can be compared to Japan’s snack called Pocky.

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy chocolate pepero, which is kind of the same thing.
― Tara Sivec

I have been in full anticipation for this day to witness how Koreans celebrate Pepero day. Every supermarket, small marts, convenience stores and even bakeries have it all in different sizes and pretty packaging.





for my one and only~
Surprise! haha

Some wonder, of all dates, why November 11? Simple, Pepero is a skinny snack that resembles the date (11/11).

Gotta run! Danny and I will be playing the Pepero game. LOL Hope everyone is enjoying their pepero while singing to this tune~~



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