Halloween at Everland

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Did you know that the theme parks in Korea celebrate Halloween now? Yes!!  This Holiday is still a bit new and foreign for most Koreans, but the younger generation has started to take a liking to it for sure. While it is not quite as popular as it is next door in Japan~ slowly, but surely more festivities are being embraced by the public and not just the expat community here♥

When I found out Everland would have some special Halloween events I tugged on Nara’s shoulder to take me one weekend because I needed a dose of silly spooky-goodness badly!  I looove this holiday,  so it really bummed me out to see so many decorations in Japan earlier that month, but nothing here in Seoul! I need my fix!

I still need to do a dedicated post about this, but basically Everland is Korea’s largest (and most impressive) theme park just outside the city….. some people consider it the Disney of Korea.  It is not as impressive as an actual Disney park, but it seems to be trying very hard to improve its image as more and more tourists come to Korea and look for things to do.  The last time I visited Everland was maybe 8 or 9 years ago during my very first trip here with Nara,  It was a nice time… but very meh overall.

I went not expecting too much this time around even though they promised Halloween… maybe a few fiberglass pumpkins or something~ but I was pleasantly surprised as soon as we entered the gates!!!

The tree when you first enter the park was decorated for the Holiday and looked quite impressive!

We arrived to find they had a lot of great decorations throughout the park!  I only expected one or two, but Everland had a dozen special photo opp characters and Halloween goodies for people enjoy! The park was legit decked out!

Awesome gargoyle base they installed on the park lamp posts~

Like most theme parks, Everland is filled with endless booths and shops to buy goodies.  Most of the booths had plenty of costume accessories to purchase if you felt like wearing something fun around the park, plus the typical toys like plush, bubble blowers, etc.


In terms of merch to buy overall, I was surprised to see that they had lots of special festive items you could buy at the gift shops!  I expected maybe a handful of things, but the selection was quite nice~

Sadly they still are not making very many unique Everland-exclusive products for the Holiday like the Tokyo Disney resorts do (they have new awesome items every year) but they still did a nice job and I appreciate that they had spooky products at all since it is still kinda a new holiday in Korea.

pumpkin penguins ^^


Some of my merch faves!

Creepy giant gloomy bear-style claws~

I was disappointed to find that while they did make some special character art of the main lion mascots Laciun and Laila for the holiday, Everland had zero special items with them on the products. Come on Korea, Character branding!! Oh well, enjoy this snapshot at least ^^

One awesome surprise was that some people came to Everland in costume for the Holiday!  I wish I had known, I would have dressed up too!  Lots of them were typical themes, but done VERY well like ghost bride, goth girl, vampire etc and I noticed quite a bit of  anime and comic cosplay as well!  Actually, come to think of it… all the costumes looked really good that I came across, so I think even the Halloween-themed ones were actually cosplayers as well~ just being festive.  The outfits for some of the girls looked way too nice to be someone just casually dressing up for the holiday here ♥ Wish I had snapped some photos

I did get some shots of these amazing and adorable Homestuck Troll cosplayers though so I had to take a photo because I was really surprised!! I am not a reader myself…I am just online a lot so I am aware of it and how popular it is atm, but I had no idea the Korean internet even knew what it was!  Basically it is an interactive English-language comic online, but it is really hard for a casual reader to follow…its not like a normal book at all and I can’t see it being easy to translate.   Perhaps someplace on Naver is re-posting it in Korean? Wild!  Feel free to google the name for more info.

Giant pumpkin patch stage set up for even more photos!  It looked great and was filled with lots of yummy saturated colors!


In the center of the park they had the special seasonal event we happened to catch, and I am so happy we did because it was awesome!!  They do a light parade through the whole park at night, but for Holidays like this they have a smaller center area they use and have multiple viewings throughout the day. Sorry the color is wacky and the images are fuzzy, the sun was setting and everyone was moving around a bunch~!  At least you can get an idea though, because the floats were so impressive!!!

Total they had 5 floats for Halloween~  Pumpkin Patch, Ghosts with pipe organ, haunted house, a tombstone Adams family style float, and one that was kinda a creepy garden or something with bricks and vines.  They all had a ton of color and patterns, I wish I could have taken more photos of them up close!!

 Honestly I was really surprised, I expected something fancy for Christmas~ but not this nice for Halloween! Good job Everland!

Yes, Everland’s performers are almost always foreigners in the parades and stuff! The costumes they put them in were super cute, I love how neon everything looks!

Really awesome Halloween posts!

A lot of the cast came rolling out on segways lol. I guess it is a good idea because they can move quickly~ but it sure looks hilarious ^^

 Lots of fun!  Ok time to get some food though…..

 I was eager to see what sort of special themed food Everland would have in general, or better yet for Halloween~ but sadly it was not much at all. They had these devil scoop pizzas for sale in a few areas…

And we ran into cheesecake with pumpkin faces a few times

For dinner I decided to order the Halloween omelet rice set which came with sweet potato fries~  however I do not know if it was a unique item for this month or just a normal set and they just slapped Halloween in the name. lol prob that.

Waiting for some fooooood!  It was starting to get super cold outside so Nara bought us cute bunny hats! They actually really helped, nice and warm ♥

And here is my Halloween omelet!  The food at Everland is actually not too bad!!  Yeah it is expensive, but at least it tastes ok!

After dinner we decided to check out Horror Village which was an area they had set up to be the main Halloween zone I suppose, it just had some extra creepy decorations for the most part.

It was pretty cute,  but really packed with people since it is also the same area you go to in order to ride the famous T Express wooden roller coaster

 Horror Village is also the location of  ”Horror Maze | 호러메이즈 ” a special attraction held from 9/7 – 10/31 .  The maze has only been around since 2011, last years promo (pictured above) featured 2pm and this year they returned with another photo shoot and scary (kinda) promotional video alongside Suzy from Miss A!

Official photo of the Horror Maze II location this year, rusty warehouse! Awesome!

Nara and I had planned on going to this side event, but actually the line was almost two hours by the time we arrived to horror village so we decided to pass it up… I have been through so many haunted mazes since I lived in FL and all the theme parks have the “Horror Night” events….and well, Nara jumps easily and hates lines for anything so I doubt he was disappointed lol.  If you went, please do share in the comments below though!  I am curious!

Since we did not have to wait in line for anything, we decided to walk around and check out all the decorations as the sun began to set!


Bunny Hats!!!!

They had several stunning characters out for photographs~ this girl was like a rococo corpse bride or something ♥ She looked great!


Nara says I am really good at making ugly faces~ other visitors at the park must have agreed, because while I was posing they came over with cameras thinking I was one of the white girls the work for the park.  Nah, just being weird!  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Once we had enough of the crows at Horror Village we decided to check out the garden area of the park and see what they had set up~ isn’t the view pretty?

Nara made a pit stop to get some roasted peanut squid~ you can buy this snack even at movie theaters here :P ugh it is so stinky, but Nara loves it so much lol

Finally it was time for some final strolling through the gift shops~


So that was our fun day at Everland for Horror Night! I thought it was a lot of fun, and one of the more festive locations you can go to for Halloween here in Korea~ I can see it only getting better as time goes on!  If you live in Korea or plan on being in Korea from September- October you should totally make plans to swing by this park and enjoy all the fun decorations.

♥ ♥ ♥

Apparently Lotte World had a special set-up for Halloween too, but sadly we ran out of time to visit this year!


Everland Official webpage ♥

Korean Blog with some nice HD pics from Everland Halloween this year ♥

Have you been to Everland? What about for Halloween?   Got another fun place you like to go for spooky fall festivities here in Korea? Share in the comments below!


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