Gurye Sansuyu Festival (구례 산수유꽃축제) 2014

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After lunch we headed to Gurye for their Sansuyu Festival.  Sansuyu are cornus fruit which look like red berries. During this time of the year the trees have yellow flowers. This festival is spread around town, so having your own transportation is handy. It is a much bigger festival than in Gwangyang with many vendors and special events.  Even Korea’s latest hot girl band, Girls’ Day will perform there.

We visited the Sansuyu museum and love park. The entrance for the museum is free and inside there is a tourist information center. They also sell sansuyu products. You can try the juice for 2.000 krw. The juice that we bought was unsweetened. It tasted like bitter berry juice. If you do not want to try it, it is still fun to hang out there and see people’s reaction to the juice. Most people seem to be surprised by the bitterness. The love park has cute art works, but the yellow flowers are not in full bloom. Still, it was nice to walk around and enjoy the view.

We then headed up to a village on the mountain where we were surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers. It is very scenic and has a long rocky river popular with photographers. We walked around, took pictures and then decided that this was a perfect ending to our long day. 

Click here for more information on Sansuyu Festival in Gurye. 

More pictures of the festval can be found here: Gurye Sansuyu Festival



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