On the Girl Strolling Seoul in a Bikini Promoting Politics. Is it Art? Who cares?

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Spotted strolling around Seoul leading up to the recent elections was bikini-clad Nancy Lang. Apparently she was promoting politics, or something.

This was translated from her website to explain the Korean character Ang (앙) that she carries around and why she does so in a bikini.

‘Ang’ sums up cutie, sexy, kitty, Nancy in a single word, and she says it signifies the positive energy of a new era. She wrote LOVE directly over her bikini in lipstick, and this encapsulates her continual wish for us to create a world full of love, peace and art. Nancy Lang explained that since citizens are all individual masters of democracy, they have to affirm their power through the vote, and she thinks that in particular it would be great if all young people voted.

What peace, love and art have to do with bikinis on public streets I have no earthly idea, but I’m way way cool with it.

Korean Netizen Response

While most Korean’s reactions were positive on internet message boards, not all took a fancy to Nancy. Especially with this photo.

One netizen wrote: “What the hell is she doing…and why is she doing it in front of the statue of King Sejong of all places…? King Sejong is asleep, but that obscene bitch and her obscene actions will anger him and he’ll wake up…no-good whore…”

This tool simply has no respect for women and no appreciation for Korea’s hard fought battle for democracy. What a shame. And if Nancy can turn Sejong the Great into a zombie, then hell yah! I say.


And yes, there’s video.

Here is another video (in Korean) of Ms. Lang being interviewed. The stuffed cat is still on her shoulder so I guess that is her trademark and not the bikini.


Better F*** Next time

OK, that was tasteless, but sadly, for left wing supporters, Nancy’s get out the vote plan didn’t work –only 54.8% of eligible voters turned out for the election. As is generally the rule, the more young voters the better chances the Left has. Until next time, the left will be left out.



Here’s some more Nancy and her, uhhh…cat.

The End…

…of that part of the post.


Porn Stars and Politics

Now onto sex and politics in its un-purest form without the draping of art or any other such draping at all. Should Nancy Lang decide to run herself next time, here are some people who mixed sex with politics with varied success.

Ilona Staller, aka "La Cicciolina," was successfully elected to the Italian parliament in 1987

Following in Staller’s stiletto heel footsteps, three former Italian porn stars took a shot at political office just this year.

Milly D'Abbraccio ran for a seat in Rome's City Hall.

Luana Borgia vs Amanda Fox in a run for mayor in Taranto, Italy.

Japanese-American, Mimi Miyagi ran as a Republican for Nevada Governor in 2006, but lost.

Mary Carey (with the late Gary Coleman) ran for California Governor in 2003.

And just for fun:

(Translation courtesy of Koreabang)


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