Gayspeak: 성향 뭐예요?

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We learned the words for top and bottom before (때짜 마짜). We didn't, however, practice how to ask someone what they like. 

성향 뭐예요? (seong-hyang mwo-ye-yo?)

성향 is a preference or inclination. 뭐예요 is equivalent to what is. 성향 뭐예요 literally means what is your inclination, so you can use it to ask someone if they are a top or a bottom. Probably not the first day you meet someone. 성향 어떡해돼세요? is a little more polite, so maybe you could use that with someone when your chatting with them at a bar. 
These boys from Two Weddings and a Funeral were both bottoms in the film. 좋아 좋아!