Gangnam Style

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Ijust broke down and watched Gangnam Style for the first time. Great song. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve spent a number of years in Korea. I know the culture very well. There is A LOT going on in that video. I think most Westerners who watch it just think he’s a funny Asian guy doing a funny dance. There’s a lot more to it than that. Psy is actually from serious money. The people he is portraying in the video are the people he would associate with in Gangnam, probably the wealthiest area in Korea. It isn’t just a funny dance. He’s flipping the bird to what he says as inane, nouveau riche behaviour of some of the people in his own yacht club ‘set’ in Korea and less wealthy Koreans who attempt to emulate them. The video is a strong criticism portrayed in a comical way, with a great tune in the background. The beautiful young woman he is enamored with in the video has had surgery on her eyes to make her look more western, and so have a few of the stunning women dancing behind him in the video. This is a common practice amongst the wealthy women in that area. I thought this video would just annoy me but I really like what he’s saying in it.

Now to something with more lyrics I can understand…




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