The Fred Paintings

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Losing our dog Fred was tough for the entire family.  Our niece, Jena took it pretty hard too.  Her family was taking care of Fred in Suffolk, Virginia while we were doing our thing in Korea.  CJ and Jena have always been pretty tight.  They are both extremely bright and have similar interests in art, writing and other stuff.  Sometimes they'll get on the phone and just talk for hours.

As a form of therapy over losing our pet of 16 years, CJ created this painting tribute to Fred:

Little did we know, Jena created her own Fred masterpiece at the same time.  There was no prior coordination on this.  I guess the two cousins had the same thing weighing heavy on their hearts.  Here's Jena's artwork:

We found out about their artwork during a Skype video call.  First, CJ brought his Fred painting up to the webcam to show them what he had been working so hard on in Art club.  The reaction was of astonishment.  In a few seconds, I found out why.  Jena ran off to grab her painting.  When we saw her art via the wonderful invention of Skype, we all smiled and began to tear up.  It was a touching moment.  We miss you Fred.


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