FLASK Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Busan

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What is it?

South Korea is a country where you can very easily notice and identify trends–trends in fashion, hairstyles, and yes, FOOD! Every summer there seems to be a new ice cream trend. This year, one of those trends is liquid nitrogen ice cream! Different chains with the same concept are opening up all over Seoul and Busan, and we finally made our way to Nampo-dong in Busan to check out Flask. It looks like a laboratory and the “scientists” even wear white lab coats while they make your ice cream! While ice cream made by liquid nitrogen does not taste any different than ice cream made a more traditional way, the concept really comes together with the atmosphere of the shop, the “scientists” and the ice cream itself. Everyone loves getting ice cream, but this concept makes it into a show, and it’s a ton of fun. :)

How do I get there?

When we went there weren’t any clear directions to the shop, so we will try to make it easier for you with this map.
The easiest way is to go out exit 1 or 3 of Nampo Station on Line 1. Go to the nearest alley that leads to the big main shopping street of Nampo, called Gwangbok-ro. Take a left. Keep walking until you get to a kind of intersection where the road splits, and stay left. If you know where the KFC is, walk towards that. Keep walking until you see the KB bank and Prospecs(an athletic store). Take a right into the alley between the KB and Prospecs and Flask will be on your right! It’s not that hard to find at all, really. Hope the map helps! :)


If you know of any other locations for liquid nitrogen ice cream, please let us know! Have you tried it yet, or had anything like this in your home country? We’d love to hear about it!
Try to stay cool and enjoy your summer!

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