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a. favorite art material- I’m very attracted to natural materials, such as wood, stones, minerals, pearls, and seashells. But my favorite art material that I like to use most of all is wax. I carve the wax and then cast it in precious metal. There is something about using the melting and carving techniques, that makes it so theroputic and exhilarating. It evokes the creative side within me.

b. places of inspiration {shops, nature, places, etc}- y top places for inspiration would be American Museum of Natural History, The Evolution store in SoHo, Traveling to Italy, and being out in nature..especially near big bodies of water.

c. favorite website- My favorite websites; shopbop.comfoodgawker.com, and yours of course!

d. what provokes you to create art- The things that provoke my art would have to be my meditation and surrounding myself with other artistic people who have the same respect for art as I do. The more I meditate and spend the time to sit in silence and listen to my inner guide the more it opens the flood gate of creativity.

Her studio in New York City!

See her work here,


This jewelry designer creates pieces that exemplify nature. Her collection is composed of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. One of my favorite pieces is a necklace with a delicate skull of a hummingbird casted in sterling silver. The merging of mineral stone and precious metals in her work creates pieces that not only insist that you treasure them but also admire them. It is intriguing to see how this artist takes found objects from her adventures and creates works of art based on what inspired her about the organic articles she finds along the way. Her work displays the relationship between adventure and the formation of nature that can be altered by the artist, the result is delicate and subtle beauty.

I am a Sarah Richey enthusiast!


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