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a. favorite art material- micron pens. paper and pens fit in my backpack.

b. places of inspiration {shops, nature, places, etc}- machines, animals, and any minor tragedies.

c. favorite website- google.com

d. what provokes you to create art- i usually have an idea or a vignette i want to share, and i suck at singing. for me, that leaves drawing.

See his work here,

Hopefully you have gathered from his interview that this guy is hilarious. Focusing on his art, he has a meticulous nature that demands your attention. Over the past two years, I have seen a variety of work with animals always present and some level of hilarity. If an idea gathers in his brain, he explores it till he can successfully project it to the best of his ability. His work is often chromatic and the craftsmanship is impecable. However he often draws intricately in only black and white, and it is still visually energizing.  He will be one of the Super Sketch artists in Busan on June 23rd @ Club Fabric. I have seen some of the work he is preparing, and the visual story is extremely clever. He will be performing with artist Sarah Elminshawi, and the musician playing is Maundrie Fox. Also this weekend,  DOUBLE NEGATIVE opens at DAZZLE. This show exhibits new work by Robin Kimmerling & Sarah Elminshawi ! The opening party is at 9pm, with live music and a local zine {Malhada} release. Robin Kimmerling will also be selling volume 2. of his zine, Future Ghost!

P.s. The font used in the featured artist banner was created by the artist!


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