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a. Most definitely my camera and a lot of free time.

b. I’m inspired by people and movement so cities are always an inspiration. Ironically though I live in a big city now and don’t photograph people that much. I guess it depends but with photography anything is fair game and can be inspiring.

c. I don’t know if I count this as a favorite but its certainly the site I spend the most time at related to photography. www.aphotoeditor.com

d. What provokes me to create art is knowing that it is possible. But more than that its something that I don’t have to think about doing just go out and do.


See his work here,

The Oxford English Dictionary describes the medium of photography to be, “the process or art of producing pictures by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film on a basis of paper, glass, metal, etc..” Mike Murtaugh is a genuine and talented photographer. In the digital age, film has taken the back shelf . But He creates in the world of film, and the first thing I noticed was that he is committed to hauling around a large and what most would say burdensome Hasselblad. But his medium isn’t stopped by that. He creates a composition with both landscape and portrait that blends environment and personality. I am the proud owner of one of his photographs that represents my personal experience in Korea and also visually expresses the culture. The viewer can find layers of meaning in one photograph. Whether it is a landscape or portrait he exhibits strong creativity in both perspective and color.


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