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a. favorite art material-  Pentel brush pen

b. places of inspiration {shops, nature, places, etc}- Places of inspiration tend to be design or illustration galleries for me. That’s where I see the kind of work that I aspire to produce the most.

c. favorite website- My favourite website at the moment is probably http://www.otomo-gengaten.jp/ which is the official website for the Katsuhiro Otomo retrospective exhibit in Tokyo. Otomo created Akira during the 80′s, a seminal comic book and animation which set new standards in narrative and visual story telling.

d. what provokes you to create art- Compulsion and obsessive personality traits are probably a pretty big chunk of what drives me to create (don’t worry it doesn’t come out in anything else I do). The best way to describe it would probably be an itch that I can’t scratch. I get an idea and I have to go with it until it’s finished. It’s pretty painful when something hits me at about 11 at night because I know I’m probably guaranteed insomnia afterwards, a common problem for me. I try not to engage myself with drawing anything at this time of the day. A lot of people comment on how tired I often look, I think a lot of this is down to my brain rolling through ideas all the time.

See his work here,

Matt F. is one of the artists for the Busan Super Sketch. His work is extremely crisp and original. I love his portraits from popular culture, and presently Korean culture. He is a member of Strut, a group of English boys that provide Busan with some underground electro music! Also creating unique events like collaborations with local artists, and live drawing. There is an event the end of this month were it is requested participants wear masks. I noticed his work first on the busy streets of a popular university area in Korea. It was a flyer for an upcoming show, and it was innovative and colorful and definitely caught my eye. You notice when a new designer is in town. And it didn’t take long before he was active in the Busan art community. Look for him at Super Sketch, June 23rd at Club Fabric. He made some insane art books, with original artworks inside! He will be playing with the highly energetic Ssighborgggg and performing with artist Hui Ung.


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