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A)Mixed media/acrylics/inks/on alternative surfaces
B)Old architecture /cemeteries/antique stores/abandon buildings/anything with history
D) Art is my outlet. I use it to vent my frustrations on society. I use art to tell a story and communicate with the outside world and say things I might not ordinarily be able to or be allowed to. Art to me is a way of life.

See his work here,


I have known Jeff for 6 years. I am the proud owner of many of his works. He has meshed together styles that I adore, graffiti and expressionism. He creates a dramatic portrait  that emphasis the person’s character. There is humor and darkness in most of his works. As a self- taught artist who has always participated in his local art community, I admire his confidence in stepping out and heavily participating in the Nashville art scene. Rightly so, he is genuinely talented with a style that over the years is only more elaborate and exciting to see.


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