English Camp in Korea IS Vacation (so I’m told)

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It’s that time of the semester.

English camp time.

The 2 weeks following the end of both the spring and fall semesters is English Camp. It’s also when all the teachers in the school begin their vacations.

That’s right; for the two weeks that I’ll be conducting English camp, everyone else will be at home with family, traveling somewhere, or drunk. Maybe all three.

The days following the end of English camp are what comprise our “vacation” time as EPIK/public school NETs. It comes out to 8 days in the winter and 10 in the summer.

DSC03012 1024x768 English Camp in Korea IS Vacation (so Im told)


This technically means that the school’s vacation period is mine too, but I get to work. It’s really not all that bad as the camp days for me end at around 2:00 PM. Not to mention the fact that it’s camp, so it’s a fun time.

This break (which is in January 2015) I will have 8 days to get my vacation groove on. And you know what?…getting my groove on is exactly what I’ll be doing!

DSC03004 300x225 English Camp in Korea IS Vacation (so Im told)I plan on visiting my college friends in Seoul for a few days first. Seoul is great in this way: there’s always something new to do each time you visit. I’ve been to Seoul a few times so I’ve already seen the main attractions. Hopefully this round, I’ll see some of the speak-easy stuff only Koreans can show.

After returning from Seoul I will be taking a one week trip to CAMBODIA! This is something I’m very excited about without a doubt. I’ll be going to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap to see the big attractions from the Killing Fields to Angkor Wat. A few others, as well, but you’ll have to wait for the video for those details.

My time in SE Asia this year will make up for the fact that half of the school’s vacation is spent working. It will also make up for the fact that I’m sick tired of freezing my butt off here in Busan!

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