Dunkin’ Donuts is Cute in Korea

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Just to say in advance, I did not frequent my local dunkin’ donuts in the USA~ so I am sorry if I gush about a doughnut here in Korea that is also sold in the states! lol whoops in advance!

Dunkin’ donuts in Korea is really cute! Normally I am not one to get excited over DD,  I mean… it is kinda the Mc Donald’s of doughnuts where I am from, I would much rather eat one from a little mom and pop shop still warm and chewy.  Dunkin’ donuts is a fairly common foreign chain here in Korea that has a handful of the basics we all know of from back home BUT it also has a surprising amount of interesting and unique + cute treats localized for the Korean market…. in fact, I think it may have the most “special Korea menu items” out of all the other imported chains here.

Dunkin Doughnuts Cafe next to the Ewha University Gate in Edae has a huge 2nd floor for hanging out!

If you are new to Korea or visiting and need a breakfast stop this is a fast and fun place to visit that has a nice mix of classics PLUS unique Korea options and flavors like sweet potato,  glutinous rice, green tea, and more! Korean dunkin’ donuts are also very lounge around friendly like the countless coffee shops here~  most of the larger shops have great areas that people sit and chat at for hours.  Hanging around coffee shops and baangs is a big part of Korean social life, I’ll explain that in detail in another post though.

As I spot yummy or cute doughnuts I will add to this article!

Minnie Mouse and heart doughnuts on display for Childrens Day in Korea!!

Special Pop Rock topped doughnuts in Blueberry and Strawberry!!  Koreans LOVE pop rocks

I tried the Strawberry Popping flavor for myself~ it was really good and the pop rocks in the glaze are huge! Pop rocks > sprinkles ALWAYS!

Aside from the typical breakfast line, they had a Bulgogi rice wrap with cheese that looked good… tasted like barf in a blanket.

This was a really interesting one we came across recently~  It was labeled as a “North Korean style bread” doughnut!

It came in a glazed and a sugar version, so I opted for the sugar one.  It was interesting… more like a crumbly bread instead of a a doughnut and the outside was a bit hard.  Not something I would order again, but interesting to try.  It tasted a little stale, we are not sure if that is the normal taste or because it was a bit stale haha!!

If you enjoy bubble tea you will be happy to hear that Dunkin’ Donuts in Korea has it on the drink menu in many flavors!! They also have a really great selection of localized drink flavors like Green Tea, Melon, Milk Tea, and Sweet Potato among others!

Nara with his Purple Sweet Potato shake and some Munchkins! A popular variation of sweet potato here is a vivid purple, so it makes for beautiful snacks and drinks!


This Summer they launched a delicious (and heavily promoted) line of doughnuts called Money Banana’s. SO SO SO GOOD!

These are glutinous rice donuts  (so they are this amazing chewy texture!) and come in the flavors chocolate, strawberry, banana, and green apple.  They all taste delicious, but I love the chocolate and strawberry the most!

I have to say, I prefer these chewy types of donuts over normal cake style now…I’m hooked on these *__*


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