Dinner at Lotte Hotel World’s La Seine Buffet

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Last night, hubby and I had dinner at Lotte Hotel Worlds La SeineBuffet in Jamsil. We were expecting more people on the weekend, so we reserved a private room for hubby and me, my brother-in-law (his twin) and his wife.

I love buffets in Korea, because there is  a wide variety of choices, fromKorean to Western cuisine. Compared to buffets in the Philippines, buffets in Korea are cheaper. A typical salad and pasta buffet in SK likeAshley will cost around 9, 900 to 12, 900 KRW (8.89 – 11.58 USD) (367 – 478.21 PHP). The food is great, but if you want steak to go with your salad and pasta, you will have to pay “extra”, which isn’t more than how much you would pay for first-class steak in the Philippines.

Sometimes even when there are no special occasions, hubby and I go to a buffet restaurant to have lunch or dinner. We like to eat out and we don’t mind spending a lot on food, so for his birthday this year, we chose a steak and sea food buffet. My brother-in-law and his wife recommended La Seine Buffet. They were right about the food. The lobster and king crab are quite delectable. Besides the sea food, I enjoyed the desserts, especially pudding and pie. I didn’t try Korean food anymore; I’m tired of eating Korean food. Hubby is crazy about steak, so he tried all of the grilled meat. (There is an area where meat and lobsters are grilled before the cook places them on your plate.) Hubby likes the grilled lamb chops best, but for me it’s the grilled lobster.











There are lots of food to choose from that you can’t possible try all of them. They didn’t have many drinks, though. If you want beer or soda, you have to pay for it. A glass of beer costs 13, 000 KRW (11.67 USD) (481.92 PHP) and coke is yours for (8.08 USD) (333.64 PHP). Quite pricey, don’t you think? Well, Lotte Hotel World is a five-star hotel, so we expected everything to be expensive. The men, (hubby and my brother-in-law) had two glasses of beer and me and my sister-in-law (bro-in-law’s wife) settled for free coffee and tea. The cappuccino and the latte aren’t that bad. They have three choices for coffee including cafe americano and more choices for tea.

Hubby and I had a fabulous evening in Lotte Hotel World’s La Seine Buffet. The dinner was absolutely fantastic. We may have spent more than we usually do for a birthday dinner, but we were happy, our palates delighted and our bellies full and very satisfied. ^^


Adults can enjoy this luxurious dinner for 80, 100 KRW (72.15 USD) (2969.36 PHP); 43, 200 KRW (38.91 USD) (1601.45 PHP) for children.

Lunch costs 62, 400 KRW (56.21 USD) (2313.21 PHP) for adults; 40, 500 (36.48 USD) (1501.36 PHP) for children.

If you’d like to make a reservation at La Seine Buffet, you may check Lotte Hotel World’s website.



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