Dear Korea #121

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This has been my life ever since World Cup 2014 started. Coincidentally enough, I passed out just long enough to miss the United States vs Ghana game in its entirety this morning. I am so ashamed.

I don’t know when exactly I started using the term “sports ball”, but it’s kind of become my general term for all sports involving balls, especially since I don’t follow any sports enough to actually consider myself a fan.

This strip is dedicated to those of you living in Korea who now have completely messed up sleeping schedules. When games start at 1:00AM and keep going until it’s time for work, you’re going to have a bad time. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little bummed about the whole thing, as it seems like I won’t get to witness watching the game in a sea of Korean fans in red at my local World Cup stadium. I hear it got pretty wild in 2010, but I didn’t get here until right after it was all over.

Here’s hoping I don’t accidentally sleep through tomorrow’s game!

Jen Lee's Dear Korea

This is Jen Lee. She likes to draw.
She also likes green tea.

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