Dear Korea #095 - Seriously. Stop It

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Hey readers! In case you don’t follow me on Facebook for one reason or another, I was away on vacation for the past couple of weeks. This is why the updates have been rather…lacking. Now that vacation time is over, it’s time to get back to work. Boo.

During my vacation, a couple of friends of mine that I used to work with back when I was living stateside decided to take a family trip to Seoul. Since I tend to get unreasonably happy and excited whenever someone from home visits, I sent them essay long tips on traveling in Korea and went up to the big city for a few days to spend time with them while showing them around (even though this resulted in us getting lost multiple times).

One thing we failed to prepare properly for was the heat wave that was attacking the country during their visit. While I’ve accepted that Korea tends to get miserably hot during the summer months, I don’t recall people looking as miserable as they did when I was out and about in Seoul. I think the heat wave combined with the seemingly newer laws that force businesses to keep their air conditioners above 26 degrees (79 for my American readers) simply made for a bad time. Thank goodness for iced green tea drinks.

It’s funny how people that have dealt with extreme temperatures from their home countries still struggle when it comes to handling some of Korea’s awkward weather patterns. Whether you’re from Florida or Canada, Korea just seems to be special in the sense that it can make anyone miserable during the bad weather months. On the bright side, Spring and Fall tend to be all sorts of amazing and awesome. I can’t wait.

To Zk and Mike: It was great to see you guys!! Here’s hoping we meet again soon!

Jen Lee's Dear Korea

This is Jen Lee. She likes to draw.
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