Dear Korea #083

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Dear Korea #083

Hey all! I hope you’re having a great Monday (especially after a super cold weekend)!

Now, I’m fully aware of the fact that people passing out flyers is a fairly common thing all over the world. I’ve personally never been a fan of this form of advertising, as it just seems to create a lot of unnecessary trash all over the place. I wonder, is there anyone out there that actually likes being handed flyers?

In Korea (at least where I live), the amount of flyers I receive whenever I go downtown is borderline obscene. I once kept count out of sheer curiosity, and ended up with more than 10 in the span of an hour. My usual tactic is to politely say no and try to keep walking, but some of these people can get pretty pushy. I once had an older woman grab my hand and force a flyer into it. She must have really wanted me to eat at the new noodle restaurant she was working for.

Anyways, I hope I didn’t come across as too preachy with this one. I’ll try to have a better comic next time around ♥

Jen Lee's Dear Korea

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