Dear Korea #079 - Not a Fan of Pain

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Dear Korea #079

Yay for a new comic! I can’t believe we’re almost reaching the end of the year already.

The incident in presented in the comic is based off of true events. Each time someone I know has requested to be put under for any sort of dental surgery, they’ve pretty much been told to suck it up and walk it off. While I usually try to tough things out, having someone pulling and yanking and tugging at a tooth that’s hiding under gums and growing in sideways for over an hour turned out to be a very unpleasant experience for me (as well as others I know). To make it worse, they only seem to like giving out no more than a few days worth of pain killers.

From what I’ve been told, stuff like good pain killers and even better ananesthesia isn’t widely used in Korea, and some of it’s outright banned. For a place with pretty decent healthcare, I find that to be pretty disappointing. Another thing I find shocking is how people can tough this sort of pain out, yet cry and whine about the intense pain when I accidentally bump into them. I guess different people have different levels of toughness? Either way, I’m desperately hoping that I won’t have to have any sort of dental surgery done again for a very long time.

Anyone have any good Korean dentist stories to share? Even better, if you have any recommendations for dentists that will put wusses like me under, please share!

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