Dear Korea #049 - Just Chilling

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Dear Korea #049

Hey everyone! Getting sick of the comics complaining about the cold yet? I honestly don’t mind the cold, but it can sometimes get to be a bit much.

Now opening windows isn’t something I think all Koreans do, but it’s something I have noticed from time to time. It’s also interesting to hear complain about how hot they are when they’re sitting in a room with the heater running with their coats on, but they still demand to have the window opened before taking off any item of clothing. Maybe there’s a reason for this? Is there such a thing as heater death? I have no idea.

Really Korea, I apologize for being a total wimp at times when it comes to the cold.

I’ve redrawn that left hand about ten times, and it still looks weird to me. Maybe I need a nap.

Jen Lee's Dear Korea

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She also likes green tea.

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