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A stunning image (and article) about the iconic Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

“A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures” is the tagline of the tourism board of Brunei.  I have noticed over the past 6-8 months that I have a steady group of readers in Brunei.  I do not know very much about this country (beyond that Google Images can not find a photo that doesn’t take my breath away… the food, the nature, adventures, coral reef, marine life,  history, heritage, and ceremonies from their exceptional tourism site), but my understanding is that while there is no advisory from the Government of Canada’s travel board (there are trade agreements and investment opportunities between both countries), one should exercise a certain degree of caution in behaviour (ie. dress and act conservatively as in any foreign country – also please forgive my recent blog series) that we might not exhibit in a relatively liberal country like Korea.  Please correct me if I’m wrong!

My understanding is that Brunei is comparable to the fairly recent perception of Laos.  Brunei is a wealthy country (in fact the 4th richest country in the world, whereas Laos is…not), but until now it has been a relatively unknown venture for tourists.  From my research, it seems to be a very modern country dedicated to science and technology.  The country also seems to have a strong commitment to healthcare as well as the welfare of all residents.  I have noticed a steady following of my blog from Brunei (thank you!) and wish that my readers could share with me some tidbits of their lives in what appears to be such a stunning country with beautiful architecture and parts that are relatively untouched nature.  The shopping sounds really extraordinary, and the hawker stalls sound very exciting as well!  I would go for the Mosques (I love beautiful architecture like this) the wildlife, the museums, the beach, the open air markets, and, of course, the Nasi Goreng!

I find this entire country and culture so enticing and exciting, especially because of the ornate architecture and mysterious nature of the Grand Mosques.  I hope that I will have an opportunity to travel to Brunei and see this majestic place once I move to proper Seoul (March 2016!  So soon!).

Additionally, the other Mosque is just as stunning!  Check it out:

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