Buddha's Birthday 석가탄신일 in Pictures

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Leave and get on the train. Know that where you are going is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Seoul.

Meander through the soggy street of Insadong, noticing that within the past two years many changes have occurred here. Like more beauty-product stores and less Korean-trinket shacks.

Turn left down an alley and come to the steps of the Jogyesa Temple. Since it is the exact day of celebration, try not to impose on those worshiping. 

 Notice that even in the muddy puddle is a genuine reflection of people's devotion.

Take in the long line of folks waiting to prostrate in front of the Buddha, and listen to the chanting.

Turn around and notice people walking around the pagoda and bowing in front of it, perhaps because there is an old relic there that was brought by a monk a long time ago. 

 Notice that even pigeons can find a peaceful spot.
As you know the flame of one candle can be shared with another and so that little piece of light grows and grows as it is passed along.


You might also know that the lotus flower blooms from the muddy puddles of a swamp or pond. Because it is so white and pure one can't help but think of searching for such beauty in their own life.
Go back to where the steps were and make it through the crowd to the one that is loved.

Another Buddha's birthday passes while the warmth of summer starts to grow and the green leaves continue to unfold.


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