Damyang Bamboo Museum

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After I ventured through the bamboo forest I decided it would be best to cool off in a museum. However the bamboo museum, 담양 대나무 박물관was located a bit out of town so I took a taxi instead of walking over there. In fact I was comfortable getting around the area via taxi and it was fun getting to know local people this way, along with using some Korean.

The museum was definitely a quiet place to enter into with not many visitors. It is set up with a more historical and horticultural display at the ground floor. However, there wasn't much English to be seen. They had a display of bamboo stalks and roots.

Going on to the other exhibition rooms you started to see how bamboo is harvested and crafted using various tools.

Then you see products made from bamboo such as ordinary baskets to jewelry and other fancy items.

Those items in the lower right corner are meant to be attached to your steering wheel so you can turn it easily. However they certainly evoke other things.

The large woven baskets were quite a site to see as they were placed throughout the museum.

Te following diorama looked like a depiction of a bamboo market from long ago, I enjoyed the detail in the dress of the human models. Plus not to mention all those tiny baskets.

The Damyang Bamboo Museum was a pleasant place to visit, and certainly allowed one to get a breadth of how much bamboo can be used for. However, you don't really end up spending a lot of time in the museum and there wasn't really a cafe to enjoy yourself in either. Yet there were bamboo souvenir shops outside just in case you missed something at the forest.

I would recommend a trip to this museum on your time out in Damyang, anyways. If you would like more info on the museum and other sites to see follow this link.


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