Creative Korean Advertising #26: I’M FREE TO BUY NIKE SHOES

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Normally if I saw something like this, then I too would think it was just another Korean ad that didn’t get a once-over by a native-speaker (or rather did, but just had his or her advice “corrected”). But in fact, it turns out to be part of a clever marketing campaign by Nike to promote a women’s race in Seoul in June (registration details available in English or Korean), in which you can make your own posters using the “I’m free to” logo with your own photos or the ones provided. Go to the site and try for yourself!

While I’m all for encouraging more Korean women to exercise of course, the cynic in me notes the unstated rule that only women wearing expensive Nike shoes with the Nike+iPOd chip inserted will be allowed to participate. But still, I do hope you enjoy making your own posters (some of the ones in the gallery are really quite funny), although unfortunately the 10 character limit in the slogans doesn’t allow one to write anything too profound. Can anyone improve on my own attempts?^^

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