Cheerios Found at Lotte Mart

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This morning I headed to my local Lotte Supermarket to beat the Chuseok rush and also get supplies before the store was closed for the holiday. To my surprise I found Cheerios on the cereal shelf and for just 6,500 Won. Take that Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon! (Sells them for 25,000 won)

There were two choices, Honey Nut and Multi-Grain. I went for the Honey-Nut and figured I would try the other one next time.

If you are wondering what the big deal is, well let me tell you. Cheerios for the most part are mostly sold at Costco in Korea. There you could buy some but they come in bulk, meaning you would be eating Cheerios for nearly a whole season if you liked. In all honesty it's not my favorite cereal, but the cereal shelf in Korea is mostly packed with varieties of Corn Flakes. So when you see something different you gotta go for it!

Needless to say, I am looking forward to my breakfast cereal moment tomorrow. haha


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