Can you believe it's 2019?

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2019 has been a challenging year so far.

We are now living in Singapore, we've both left our jobs and trying to figure out what to do/where to be next. I've finally taken a career break after many sleepless nights wondering what would be the best choice - I left my career when it was at it's peak; I was working as a recruiter for a multinational company and drawing a salary that was much higher than most my peers. I never regretted this decision, although there are days I feel anxious thinking about the money I could earned if I had continued. 

My husband left the Korean company he was working for after a difficult 2 years. We learned that Koreans will always be Koreans even if the KR firm is based in another country. He's taking a short break to prepare for his AICPA exams and I really hope he completes it this time.

I would never trade anything for this moment! It feels like the weekends everyday and we get to wake up, do chores & run errands together.

Here are some photos from our winter trip in Feb.

We stayed a night at the Ski Resort and had chicken + beer for dinner!

Never again! All these gear just for a couple of pictures.

I loved this glamping site! The owners were nice and provided great hospitality. This glamping trip could not have happened without my husband as they only speak Korean.

Sis & I got to be like little kids again.


This picture was taken in the morning after sunrise but it started snowing a little past midnight. We woke up at 5am for a toilet break and saw the most beautiful sight ever - in the extreme darkness and silence you could see and hear white flakes of snow tapping lightly on our tents.

We stayed in an apartment that was right at the Gwananri Beach. We could see the Gwanan Daegyo (광안대교) from our window.

We had breakfast in a nearby cafe by the bridge. I can't explain how/why but it just tastes different from the brunch we have in Singapore.

Maxi will always be the puppy we remember him to be. My husband would always make time to play with Maxi whenever we went back.



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