Bye Bye America Again

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I'm up way too early here in my hotel near the SFO airport. Maybe I'm excited to go back to Korea or ready to get there, rest and prepare for the first day back to work.

I had a good time here in America and am so grateful to spend time with nearly all of my family. When I get the chance I will definitely continue to post the rest of my trip from Florida and D.C.

I'm not sure when I'm going to come out here again, as I need to consider saving money and also I still want to see other parts of the world.

I didn't really feel reverse culture shock while out here, but instead just tried to soak up the American life while I could. I found people are really into politics these days and very divided on their opinions. Also, I just enjoyed how nice people were and not sure if it was always like that.

Being here and seeing my family has put a seed in mind whether or not I should continue life in Korea or seriously consider being closer to the people I love. I just don't want to think about how hard it will be to start a life back here in America.

Anyways, it was a good trip and definitely allowed me to see some great sights. I also feel more courage and confidence starting back at work, and know I can only do what is possible when I get there.



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