Beauty Review: Nature Republic Bee Venom Cream

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I picked up this Bee Venom Cream from Nature Republic a while ago, but I wanted to give it time to really start working before I reviewed it on here. What caught my eye immediately was that the packaging said it was "for skin that gets easily irritated and suffers from redness." That is me in a nutshell. Seriously, my skin thinks it's some kind of delicate princess. If you so much as look at it funny it'll get red and dumb. As the weather heats up, this has become even worse, so I decided to try out some Bee Venom Cream. Also, cream with bee venom just sounds cool, right?

69%...heh heh heh

I really like the texture of this cream. I have pretty oily skin, so anything that's really heavy or greasy is not going to last long in my makeup cabinet. This stuff, however, is really light and soaks into my skin without making me feel slimy. The smell is also quite nice, reminding me of beeswax, and in a way kind of...herbal. I dunno, it's hard to explain, but it just smells really clean and natural.

Perfect English! I'm so impressed, Nature Republic
As far as the general redness of my skin, I feel like that's improved? I mean, I didn't take any before pictures to compare to my current after, but I know my skin has been a lot happier lately. I usually just use this at night, because it's humid as a sauna these days so anything more than a light moisturizer for daytime makes me even slimier than usual. I'm sorry if that's an unpleasant image, but things have been pretty unpleasant lately.

Anyways...yeah. Not much to say about this one other than that I like it. I'm super picky about face creams because I hate feeling greasy, but for now this one is a definite winner.

Would I recommend this product: Yes yes yes! My crazy skin seems to have calmed down a lot since I started using this at night, and the smell is just lovely.

Where to buy: If you're in Korea there's Nature Republic stores everywhere, but if not, here it is on Amazon. I know it's a bit pricey, but it lasts a long time~

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