Beauty Review: Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact

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If you know me, you know I love Etude House. They may not be the best for skincare, but for makeup, they combine three of my favorite things: affordable, good quality, and cute as heck. So, I thought I'd introduce one of my favorite Etude products, the Dear Girls Oil Control Pact.

It's not such a big deal now that we're moving into the dry, frozen wasteland they call winter here, but in the summer, as the temperature and humidity climb, this product is a gift. It's purpose is right there on the label: to control oil. I've always heard that my oily skin is a blessing that will keep me looking young and fresh until I'm a zillion years old, but so far it just seems to make me shiny and spotty. Yay?

Well, I've got CC cream for the spotty, and this little pact for the shiny. It comes with a foam applicator...pad...thingy...(they let me teach English, imagine that!) but I prefer to use a soft brush for a lighter dusting. There's no color, so it can go on top of your preferred concealer, CC/BB cream, or even just on a no-makeup day to cut down on


My one complaint is that if you accidentally use too much it won't always blend in with your makeup, giving you that powdery/flakey look which is just so...not attractive. But that's more an issue of user error than an actual problem with the product.

Would I recommend this product: If you're an oily mess like me, yes~! If not, you're probably fine without it. Buy yourself some sparkly eyeliner instead.

Where to buy: Etude House (aka my home away from home). I've got the cute pink membership card to prove it!

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