Beautiful Hanbok Collection 2013 – Types of Hanbok

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Today, hanbok is worn mostly on special occasions, and is divided into categories based on its function. These include, but are not limited to, weddings, 61st birthdays, first birthdays and holidays. The various kinds of hanbok are classified according to the social status, class, gender, and age of those who wear them.

The Most Beautiful Hanbok Collection Korea

Myeongeol Hanbok
Koreans traditionally show their respect to their parents early in the morning on the first day of the New Year by bowing deeply. Customarily, both parents and children wore hanbok. Children’s hanbok usually consists of a rainbow-striped jeogori (jacket) and either a chima (girls’ skirt) or a baji (boys’ pants).

Dol Hanbok for Kids

Dol Hanbok
The first birthday of a child, the dol, is traditionally celebrated with wishes for longevity and health. Children wear the dol-hanbok or dol-ot on this special day. A boy usually wears a pinkish jeogori (jacket) with a long blue goreum (cloth strings). Girls usually wear a rainbow-striped jeogori for special occasions. Currently, the trend is for girls to war a dangui, a kind of ceremonial coat.

Ajumma Hanbok for middle aged ladies

Hoegabyeon Hanbok
Hoegabyeon is when children throw a party to celebrate the 61st birthday of either parent and wish for their longevity. Men who turn 61 wear a geumgwanjobok, while women wear a dangui, a kind of ceremonial dress for special occasions.

Wedding Hanbok for Bride and Groom

Hollyebok – Wedding Hanbok
Unlike hanbok for daily use, hanbok worn as a traditional wedding costume is marked by its bright appearance. The bridegroom wears the baji (pants), the jeogori (a jacket), the joggi (a vest), the magoja (an overcoat), and the durumagi (an overall coat). The bride wears a green chima (a skirt), a yellow jeogori (a short jacket), and a wonsam (a bride’s long overcoat). Her hair is prepared using a jokduri (a special head ornament).

Everyday Hanbok for men and women

Saenghwal Hanbok
A simplified version of hanbok was  introduced for daily use as the use of traditional hanbok follows complex rules, and requires meticulous attention. The modern version comes in a wide variety of styles and fabrics for people who want to express their individuality by wearing something that is convenient, combines traditional beauty as well as modern simplicity.

Gallery of Colorful Hanbok for every occasion

Hanbok Collection 2013

Hanbok Gallery 2013

Hanbok Couple

Beautiful Hanbok

Topless Hanbok

Lavender Hanbok

Traditional Hanbok with striped Sleeves

Topless Purple Hanbok

Red and Blue Hanbok

Hanbok Couple in Pink

Cherry Blossom Hanbok for Spring

Winter Hanbok Couple

Ash Hanbok

Fall Hanbok Couple

Colorful Hanbok Couple

Red and Green Hanbok

Ajumma Hanbok for middle aged ladies

Ommoni Hanbok for my mom

To buy the Hanbok above you can visit Min Hanbok website. Min Hanbok has been featured in various Korean Dramas like 대장금, 천추태후, 최강칠우 and others. Various celebrities like Lee Min Ho, Gu Hye Seon, Kim Su Hyeon, Pak Min Yeong, Lee Seung Gi and others have work their Hanbok. If you are in Seoul, then you can visit their gallery at Gangnam Gu, Seoul.


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