Apparently, I don’t have a minute to spare…

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…So I can’t really make the wonderful posts my regular readers will have become accustomed to.

Last time I wrote one of these posts I was very anxious about my lack of posting. Right now, I probably don’t have the time to sit down and write this post, but I’m going to do it anyway because I want to and I’m a grown up who (sometimes) can deal with the consequences of my own actions. Grrrr.

It had been bothering me up until an hour ago that because I was so busy – I am, really, in a good way – I hadn’t been able to update this blog. Then I thought about it. Of all the blogs that I subscribe to…well the regular posts from most of them have dried up. I asked myself, why? Well, it’s obvious – the writer is busy.

So I should suck it up, do the job, and when I get the time (I’m guessing June) then I can post away to my hearts content.

In case your curiosity may get the better of you (how this may happen is a mystery but it may happen so best to prepare for it) here is why I am busy:

  1. Right now, I have four jobs.
  2. I am desperately trying to save money and stop spending money on the credit cards before we (myself and herself that is) go back to Ireland for two months.
  3. At present when I am not in one of my four jobs I am helping herself in our new business venture – The OK Café – as described in my April, Letter from Korea.
  4. I have been writing for Groove and for 10 Magazine. Last month I had an article in each about the upcoming HBC Fest, and this coming month I’ll have a piece about Jumunjin (where herself hails from) in Gangwon-do and some CD reviews – if I get the thumb out (watch this space)
  5. I am also being hounded into giving my opinion about events for the October Asian Gaelic Games which will be held in Suwon.
  6. I’m meeting the Irish Ambassador tomorrow to talk about how can we get more Korean students to come to Ireland to study English – I’m sick to death of hearing why the US is the best place to learn English.
  7. The HBC Fest is in less than two weeks (woohoo) but may not be as fun as usual what with me agreeing with Lance to be responsible-ish.
  8. I have a wife who I love more than anything and can’t bear to leave bored or unentertained despite the excitement of all these pressing responsibilities – but number 1 on the list seems to be the biggest drain on my time…but sure she’d be givin’ out it we had no money!

So that’s it. I’m busy. As I said – deal with it!

I have a couple of posts lined up – one is practically finished but it’s very long and I could say more – but I need to scrape together enough hours to put them together, edit, be sure they’re good etc.


De yute await.


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