This and That Vol. 3

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Some shots from Thailand that I forgot to post and other randoms from around the hood. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size.

Bankok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand The look I often get when I'm speaking too fast while teaching. Don't send me any Animal Rights hate mail. It's a staged photo. Ko Phangnan, Thailand Beats the hell out of Korean beer any day of the week. All we wanted to do is go to the train station. Instead he tried to take us to two different travel agencies and then wanted to charge is for it. Prick. Ko Phangnan, Thailand. Subway. Dongnae Busan Chillin. Bangkok, Thailand Ko Tao, Thailand Seomyeon Busan Bangkok, Thailand False Advertisement: PNU Busan Niko Niko: PNU Busan Niko Niko: PNU Busan Niko Niko: PNU Busan Bangkok, Thailand I tried to get a shot of this little sand crab actually digging, but he was too quick for me. Ko Phangnan, Thailand Can't ignore the writing on the wall. Bangkok, Thailand Golden Temple: Bangkok, Thailand Seomyeon Busan Taken from a river boat. Bangkok, Thailand Near the Bangkok armpit of Ko San, Thailand Niko Niko: PNU Busan


Kimchi Dreadlocks


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