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Chatacters: Aion Cleric and Mage
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Comic World Busan, July 2011

We had been wanting to make Aion costumes for a long time, so we finally got our chance. There were so many costumes to choose from, but we finally decided on two that would be fairly easy to replicate. Sadly, we couldn’t add all of the details due to time, but I think we did a pretty good job anyway.

I wanted to use more vibrant colors, but after searching Jinshijang for hours I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I settled on simple cotton fabrics. Overall, these didn’t give us much trouble, but there were a lot of little details and we never actually finished everything we planned to do.  All of the armor pieces are made of Wonderflex and foam. The staff is wood attached to a curtain rod since we couldn’t find PVC pipe. Dan’s book is made of wood, foam and has two LED panels inside that light up.

We had a lot of fun cosplaying these characters and I’m itching to make another one in the future.

Pictures by 강장훈


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