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Here’s  a new video I recorded and edited using my iPhone4 and the ReelDirector app.

I recorded this back in January when myself, Herself and her thirteen year old cousin all went to the 63 Building in Seoul. I’d never been and if wasn’t for the Picasso exhibition in the gallery on the top floor I don’t think I would have bothered going up. As you can see, it was absolutely freezing outside. In fact, I’m not even sure why there are people outside, let alone taking a tour boat down the frozen Han River

The ReelDirector app is ok, I’d like a bit more variety in the choice of fonts for adding titles and for a feature that allows you to playback after you add or edit something. The last time I used it you had to edit the whole thing, save it, then play it back. Now, in fairness, there was an upgrade a while ago and I haven’t used it since so maybe this has been rememdied. Unfortunately, you don’t get enough time to see some of the pictures and the glass in the windors is a bit dirty so it doesn’t look great at times – you’d think they’d get someone out there and give them an ould wipe!

Please let me know what you think here or on youtube :)


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