3 kleine songs made my day.

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An other afternoon in CCC Cafe in Busan enjoying a bit of time alone. A cup of tea on the table and my computer in front of me, I decided to listen to a bit of music instead of watching some videos or reading.

And this afternoon I was in the mood for an all foreign music day. So exit my english and french songs that I usually listen to. I wanted to listen to some songs that I enjoy even though I can’t fully understand the lyrics and have to spend hours finding the translations on internet!! Just the sounds of the languages and the melody, and time flies away…

In order to remind me how much I love Korea and enjoy living here- even though sometimes the culture is so far from mine I get lost in translation- I always listen to some Kim Kwang Seok’songs (김광석). He is, until this day, the most interesting and talented Korean song writer and singer. He killed himself in 1996 but his songs are still so topical. His lyrics are not only clever but so poetic and no bling bling needed: just him and his guitar and some light accompaniment.

When I first heard his songs, I didn’t speak a word of Korean ( I remember my boyfriend having to write the lyrics of some of his songs in romanized words so I could sing it in Karaoke as I couldn’t read the Hangeul yet!! Thank you bebe for that!!)  but his voice, for me, felt like the voice of all a generation and even though I am not Korean, I felt close to him. He is Korea’s heart and now that he is gone, something is missing in the country of clear mornings.  He made me fall  completly in love with Korea…

김광석 – 서른즈음에-Kim kwang Seok-\”Around 30\” here is one my favourite songs from him, talking about being 30 with all the changes in life and the dreams lost…very sad but beautiful.

Well, after some Kim Kwang Sok, I decided to go back to some European music, and discover this German band. Totally by hasard actually. I found out that they wrote a song as a tribute to my dear Kim Kwang Seok. Being curious, I decided to check and I was nicely surprised that so far from Korea and from people who don’t seem to speak Korean, they heard about him and understood how important he was. I like their vitality and crazyness (Germans always have that little thing that is so refreshing compared to the french..hihihi!! or maybe it is cause I am french and used to it…nope!). Having not a very good level in German language, I can’t really understand what they say in most of their song (G-d bless internet where you can find everything) but as I love German, I could just spend hours listening to that language who is one the most beautiful language in the world.

Here is their video:Die Orsons – Kim Kwang Seok (Official Video)  Their other songs are pretty cool too!

And to finish that perfect afternoon, I sunk myself in one of my favourite band from Eretz Israel. They are called Hadag Nahash and always put me in such a good mood. I can’t wait to learn hebrew and fully understand all of their songs as their lyrics (for those I found) are really interesting. I like them as they are very committed and don’t hesitate being political. They made me want to know more about this beautiful country that is Israel and its culture. I wish they could come to Korea for a concert. Love everything about them, their energy and voices.   

 If there are any Israelis in Busan, please contact me and teach me Hebrew!!!!

Hadag Nahash – Kosememek – הדג נחש – קוסאמאמק This is an extract of one of their live performance. Don’t know what this one song is about but would definitly dance on it!! Long live Hadag Nahash!!


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