2011 You Were...Well..

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Wow! It is the end of 2011 already. I'm 30, single and the battery to my wireless mouse just died. This past year was marked by mild discoveries and accomplishments. For one I finally found a school I am comfortable working at and also a neighborhood that is nice to live in.

I got out and saw some nice places, one of which was the beauty that can be found on Jeju Island.

But for the most part I feel like 2011 was full of hard work and toil as I got use to my new job and working with 1st graders. Yet, knowing I succeeded and impressed people makes it worth it, I guess.

For 2012, I can already see the hard work ahead as I will be a team leader next year. I am dreading the notion that one will have to be "friendly" with the Korean staff so that all communication runs well. I mostly like to keep my head low and out of the way from the Korean homeroom teachers. So already next year that will have to change. But I think if I see it all in a "business" light it might work for me. Looking at things now I am on good terms with my current Korean homeroom teachers, but not on a deep personal one.


I forgot to mention ~ I finished planning all my lessons for the first semester next year! Yep I cranked out 4 months worth of lessons in about 2.5 weeks.

I will return to work Monday for 3 weeks of Winter Camp, and thankfully will finish at 12pm. However, I plan to spend my free time there making new materials for next year and getting ready to move my stuff into the 2nd grade classroom. Time is quickly kicking down this final semester. There are just 2 weeks left in Feb for teaching and then I'm off on my American vacation.

Anyways, I hope to get started on the 2nd semester for next year, but will go a bit slower as that is definitely further away.

Allright! 2011 you weren't really a big happy splash of a year in my life, but glad you weren't a complete bomb.

2012...bring it on!


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