2011 ~ A Year in the Life of ~ ME!

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A decade ago, I would write a Christmas “newsletter” of sorts, to my friends/family/loved ones in order to give them an update on me and wish them holiday cheer. With the astronomical advances in technology, even an email seems out dated. Thus, I have decided to make a VLOG.

What’s a “vlog” you ask?

A VLOG is a Video Blog. I am not really a vlogger (n. a person who communicates through vlogs; video rants, or mostly makes up their blogs with videos) but decided to make a video commemorating my year. I am learning some new video editing software that I bought— in the interim while I hold out hopes of getting a MACbook.

Of course, I will link the video, but for those of you who still like to READ~ here are the highlights:

~Visited 7 countries (other than Korea) this year: Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. (Yes, I blogged about each one.)

~In great health with no major surgeries, issues or incidents.

~Many “firsts” again this year: paragliding, hitch hiking, attended a Korean wedding, attended a traditional 1st birthday, swam with sea turtles, ice skating, webisodes, etc.

~I made new friends and grew closer with my existing friends. That, in itself, is enough to call the year a success!

So, what’s to come in 2012? You’ll just have to stay tuned to my blog,  my personal Youtube channel & my webisode Youtube channel, and of course my facebook page! <3

I'm on Facebook, Youtube and Wordpress... Come join my adventures!<br><br>

~Kasham Laîné


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