10 EPIK Haikus

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As my year with EPIK comes to a close, I find myself thinking a lot about the experience. Below are 10 haikus that reflect what I’ve learned while living, teaching and traveling in South Korea (though really they’re applicable to anyone teaching or living abroad anywhere!).


Being a teacher

Requires kindness, patience




Hazel and Casey in traditional Korean dress for Chuseok.

Be as curious

About the world as Kore’n

Kids are with arm hair.



IMG_1792Try new things, even

If it scares you. Open your

Mouth. Bite down. Swallow.


Snack time with Mr. Bean! Definitely don't get THIS in high school.

When teaching young kids,

Speak slowly and carry a

Big bucket of treats.


Hiiiiii-YA! ... I may have accidentally kicked the instructors hand when we were practicing high kicks...werps.

An-yeong-ha-se-yo (Hello. How are you?)

Ne, ne an-yeong-ha-se-yo (Fine, thank you. How are you?)

Language skills on point.



HanbokWhenever in doubt

Bow it out. A smile goes

A long way also.


Gajisan - Yeongnam AlpsTravel: exploring

A new part of the world and

Soul at the same time.



Dexter, MI

To be homesick is

To know without any doubt

Where you’re meant to be.



Offered to take a picture for this group and wound up  on the other end of the camera with them!Language barriers

Are not impenetrable.

Speak. Listen. Converse.


Sunset on Koh Lanta, ThailandThe world is a book

And I’ve read many pages

The next chapter is…


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