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설날 Adventure - National Treasure # 285

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설날= Seollal

The Korean New Year, and the first day of the Lunar calendar.

For this holiday, it was a last minute adventure to see cave paintings.

With only 7 months left in Korea, I want to ensure I see the national treasures.

There are no excuses when a bus ticket is less than $5.00 for a nearby treasure.

Vacation is a mental break, with indulgences hear and there.

Lots of hiking

Fresh cold air

참치김치찌개= Tuna Jjjae

I can’t wait to try and make it! 

Makgeolli {rice wine}

+++Some Kentucky bourbon+++

New headphones!

The national treasure # 285 was no  disappointment.

We had to hitchhike a bit, and endure the freezing weather, but the taxidermy wildlife alone was worth it.

And the models of Korean cavemen battling sea creatures.

In the nearby city, we even found delicious Indian food,

and beautiful cranes.

But  alas we must return home. A certain Grizzly cat awaits, to tell us stories of her indoor adventures.


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