Korean Writing Correction

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* Korean writing and pronunciation correction.

In Korean, write any subject you want, then record your voice clearly and loudly about what you have written. Afterwards, your entry will becorrected, and pronunciation will be corrected as well.


Any subjects are acceptable: When you want to say something in Korean in your daily life or at work, you can write them down. Or you can write your thoughts about a book, movie, TV dramas or news, as well.


If you are one of the following below, you can join:
Foreigners learning Korean
Immigrant Koreans and Second-generation Koreans
Self-taught students with unnatural accents and pronunciations
Foreigners married to Koreans
Foreigners who love K-POP, Korean dramas, and Korean culture


Please visit https://applemint089.blogspot.com/ or email to applemint089@gmail.com for further information.

Hope you have fun studying Korean.


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