Busan Kotesol Mini-conference

The weather cooperated well with our plans for a conference – it was miserable and raining all day.  One might as well go to a conference as stare at the rain.

Busan KOTESOL Summer Conference

Updated: I had posted a picture of text that included personal information – I have removed it and tried to replace it.  Safari is showing me a ‘failed photo’ image though.  No luck – refer to the link for further information.


On June 26, the Busan Gyeongnam branch of KOTESOL will hold a mini conference.  It is worth going to on it’s own merits, but also, you could meet me at the door there.

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More information can be found here. At that link, I found a PDF with this information (and more):

Sara Davila @ 2010 KOTESOL National Conference

See video
Sara talks about alternative assessment and EPIK training at the Kotesol National Conference in Deagu. (May 15, 2010) More about Sara at : http://saradavila.com/

James Forrest @ 2010 National KOTESOL Conference in Daegu

See video
James Forrest, Director of Cambridge CELTA courses at the Teacher Training Institue International, discusses the 'new' Cambridge Exam for Teachers (The TKT) and ESOL publishing in general

Peadar Callaghan @ 2010 National KOTESOL Conference in Daegu

See video
Paedar discusses his 'Comics in the Classroom'. More information at: http://peadarcallaghan.com/...

Jenny Yang @ 2010 National KOTESOL Conference In Daegu

See video
Jenny Yang of UCC discusses the UCC Teacher Training Program

Kotesol Intro & Upcoming Events

26:43 minutes (12.24 MB)
KotesolKotesol Discussion
w/ Rob Dickey & Brad Serl
May 12, 2010

May 15 Events

KOTESOL: is it worth it?

I think so.  I was a somewhat active member of Gangwon’s KOTESOL group for many years.  I am currently involved with the Busan chapter and assisting, in the most limited way, with a mini-conference they are hosting in late Spring. Oh, wait.  KOTESOL is the acronym for Teachers of ESL in Korea group, usually written this way to emphasize it can be Foreign and Korean teachers, not exclusively Korean teachers, as it may read if Korea is at the front of the phrase. Alright, you now know what KOTESOL is and that I am satisfied with being a member.  Why do I think others wouldn’t be? Well, particularly in Gangwondo, the meetings were interesting but frequently focused on issues that didn’t affect me.  Sokcho and surrounding area had a large EPIK group and many speakers gave talks on their specific issues.  There was a talk on teaching at ESL camps, but the speaker and the examples were all concerned with the mandatory camps the EPIK teachers had.

Busan Kotesol Meeting

Saturday, March 20, 2010 - 15:00

 From: http://www.kotesol.org/?q=Busan-Gyeongnam

First Spring Meeting!


Next Meeting: March 20th, 2010 from 2:30pm to 5pm

Nancy Marcet will give a presentation called "Developing Sentence Structure from the Bottom Up".

KOTESOL conference 2009

The 17th annual KOTESOL conference, held last weekend at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, was not precisely what you might call a tourist destination. For the serious English teachers or those in a more formal academic setting, conferences such as these are great chances to socialize and meet up with other serious teachers. It's the polar opposite of the chaotic drinking and partying of the Boryeong Mud Festival, and a great chance to meet a number of veteran expats.

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