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Busan Summer KOTESOL Conference

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto @ Busan KOTESOL 2011

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto
@ 2011 Spring Busan KOTESOL Conference 
Pusan University of Foreign Studies
June 4, 2011

Presentation: Little Tech for Big Result

Presentation Slides

Little Tech for Big Results (Pusan)

Online Resources Mentioned

Voice Thread: http://voicethread.com/
Student projects on Voice Thread: http://voicethread.com/?#u487282

Wordle: http://www.wordle.net/

Glogster: http://www.glogster.com/
Student projects on Glogster: http://barbsaka.glogster.com/

Fotobabble: http://www.fotobabble.com/
Student projects on Fotobabble: http://www.fotobabble.com/l/barbsaka

Toondoo: http://www.toondoo.com/
Student projects on Toondoo: http://www.toondoo.com/user/barbsaka

Favorite Word - The Write-n-ator (from PBSKidsGo):  http://www.nhptv.org/pbskidsgo/main_challenge.asp?aid=7

Xtranormal: http://www.xtranormal.com/
Student projects on Xtranormal: http://www.xtranormal.com/profile/2282007/
(Download "State" version to make movies without Internet connection: http://www.xtranormal.com/about_state)

Morgue File (copyright free photos): http://www.morguefile.com/

Rocco's Day (power point picture book) on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxZDgENojWc

Six Word Stories (post on my blog): http://www.teachingvillage.org/2011/03/03/six-word-stories/

Barbara's TeachingVillage.org & Teaching Village Wiki

Free Let's Go Resources

Barbara speaking with fellow webhead, Jeff Lebow

Topics discussed include
Using Tech with YELL's (Young English Language Learners), Webheads in Action, professional devleopment, Twitter, commercial publishing in an era of open content and collaboration, and what lies ahead...

Links Mentioned
Darren Elliott's Interview with Barbara (2009)

Webheads: Webheads.info  Webheadsinaction.org


ELTchat.com   ELTChat Facebook Page

Pecha Kucha Presentation (2010)
"Bubbles: Everything I learned about teaching I learned underwater"

Let's Go Series

Busan KOTESOL mini-conference June 4

I post content here so seldom these days that using the blog to publicize an event hardly occurred to me.  The conference is TOMORROW!

Early English, Motivated Minds and Innovative Assessment” are the themes for the conference and each theme will have four speakers presenting for around 45 minutes.

More at the  KOTESOL website, including abstracts for the presentations.

Click to Embiggin the images below:

2011 Spring Busan KOTESOL Conference @ PUFS

Saturday, June 4, 2011 - 13:00


Pusan University of Foreign Studies
June 4, 2011

KOTESOL Members: W5000
Non-Members: W10,000

Spring is here! The semester is almost over and it's time to gather together and discover what new strategies are out there and help brainstorm for the future.

The Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL chapter presents its 2nd Annual Summer Conference on Early English, Motivated Minds and Innovative Assessments at Pusan University of Foreign Studies.


Doug Huffer - WaegFarm's Goat Cheese Made Fresh in Korea

See video


Jeff Lebow speaks with Doug Huffer of Waeg Farm about the beginnings of a goat cheese business here in Korea.
KOTESOL National Conference
Dajeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

More Kotesol Videos at Koreabridge.net/kotesol




Alan Schwartz of EnglishCentral.com @ Kotesol 2011

See video

English CentralKotesol.org

Alan Schwartz of English Central.com @
KOTESOL's 2011 National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

Busan Kotesol mini-conference

We have a conference coming up on June 4.  The images were sent to me as PDFs and wordpress seemed unable to display them so below are screenshots of the posters with links to the PDFs for higher quality.

Remembering Chris Surridge

Aaron Jolly, Phil Maher, Paul Preibisch, & Reese Bottesini
share their memories of Chris Surridge.

Recorded at the
2011 Kotesol National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

Chris SurridgeMore information about Chris and
The Chris Surridge Foundation at http://bit.ly/chrissurridge

Chris' Online Legacy

Share your memories of Chris by commenting below and/or leaving a YouTube video response



Jason Renshaw @ KOTESOL 2011 National Conference


Jason RenshawKotesol.org

Jason Renshaw @
KOTESOL's 2011 National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

Links from the Jasonsphere
Plenary: Materials development for language learning - the next ten years

Chat log from the online audience

Download mp3 file of the presentation 

Uploading Soon: Presentation Slides

A Discussion with Jason
Topics: His imminent step back from ELT, onine teaching strategies, reflections on being back in Korea, & what lies ahead...

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