Conference Conversations @ 2011 KOTESOL Conference

Conference Conversations
From the 2011 KOTESOL International Conference
October 15~16, 2011
2011 Conference Info & Presenter Bios 

Stephen Krashen

Gavin Dudeney

Chuck Sandy

Keith Folse

B. Kumaravadivelu

Setsuko Toyama

Robert Dickey

David Deublebeiss

Grace Wang

Federico Menzano of ArtSpot

Tim Harnett
An Introduction to Playing Yutnori/윷노리

blogging as teaching tool (part 6 of conference remarks)

Melissa Shaffer had a seminar on “Blogging and Bravery” and Christie Provenzano displayed a poster on a similar theme.

Here is Provenzano’s display:

Provenzano gave me permission to photograph her poster and I think I asked her if I could post it my blog.  If she wants it removed, I’ll pull it down fast!

Peadar Callaghan at KOTESOL (part 5 of conference remarks)

Peadar is an acquaintance who has frequently spoken at the Busan Kotesol branch.  I don’t know that I have ever heard him speak, though.  There’s always been something else going on.  He spoke well and I wish I had seen his other talks, including use of comics in class.

Gavin Dudeney at KOTESOL (part 4 of conference remarks)

Dudeney offered two talks on digital literacies and was interviewed by the Chosun Bimbo (or find it with others here).

Digital literacy is a tricky thing to explain:

Chuck Sandy at KOTESOL (part 3 of conference remarks)

Sandy gave two full-length talks and a pecha kucha talk at the conference and I will summarize my thoughts here.  His first talk was on Critical Thinking, the second on activism  and the pecha kucha was a  sort of memoir.  He was also interviewed by Koreabridge.

The two talks meshed together very well.  He started by discussing faults in various textbooks, moved on to how to make better questions and activities then on to making those activities have real world applications.

Stephen Krashen at KOTESOL (part 2 of conference remarks)

I am hugely embarrassed that I had no idea of who Krashen was before the conference.  A coworker told me that he hadn’t planned to go but since Krashen was speaking, he would probably go.  Geez.  Another huge lacuna in my knowledge of ESL.

On Sunday, I was chatting with Jeff Lebow of Koreabridge when this old guy walked up.  Lebow leaped to his feet and organized a time for an interview with the man, calling him “Dr. Krashen”.  Another embarrassment for me but now is a good time to offer a link to Lebow’s interview of Krashen.

Great KOTESOL weekend (part one, probably)

I’ve been to a few kotesol conferences and felt that this would be my last one.  This one was great in so many ways that I definitely want to return next year.  I learned a lot during the conference, had a lot of ideas that were not directly connected to the seminars I was currently in and connected with a lot of old friends.  I almost always felt good about teaching; now I am recharged and excited about planning the next semester and trying new things.

First, Tom and Barbara real fantastic hosts.  I was wonderfully taken care of and would not be able to offer the same level of care at my own home to visitors.  Thanks so much T&B and if you visit Busan, I will help you find a nice hotel.

A Chat with Chuck Sandy @ KOTESOL 2011

See video

Maria Pinto (now followable at: @otnipairam) speaks with Chuck Sandy (@chucksandy) at the 2011 KOTESOL International Conference. 

More about KOTESOL at: http://koreatesol.org/

KOTESOL Discussions 2011 - Candidates & Conference Preview

KOTESOL Discussions
October 3, 2011
KOTESOL Website     Election Information    Conference Details


Candidates for President
Mijae LeeJulien McNulty

Candidates for 1st Vice President
Jamie CarsonDavid Shaffer

Roundtable Discussion2011 International Conference Preview


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