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Hello. :) nice greeting from Korea. We help you to find a position.

Please send us your RESUME with PHOTOS and answers for below questions

by E-mail:


* Nationality :

* Preferred location / Current location:   //

* Criminal background (applied or in hands with apostiled):

* Bachelor Diploma (in hands or with apostiled):

* Bachelor Diploma in hands:

* Preferred Age group:

* Visa State:

* Skype ID:

We will arrange the interview right away when we find suitable job for you.

Please check the following information of positions below.


#170913-1 Seoul Position

*Working days : Monday to Friday

*Working hours : MWF 10:00am~ 7:30pm

                   TT 10:00am ~ 4:50pm

*Teaching type : Kindergarten to Elementary school students

*Monthly pay : 2,1~2,5 million won

*Housing : Single Housing

*Starting date : ASAP, March, 2018(every month)

*Number of Foreign Teachers: 17

*Vacation: About 10days (according to school’s guideline)

*Benefit : Airfare, severance pay, health insurance, national pension

Please send us your resume & photo by e-mail:


#170725-1 Gimhae(Near Busan) position

*Working days : Monday to Friday (3 or 4 days a week)

*Working hours : 2:00pm ~ 8:00pm

*Teaching type : Elementary school students ~ Middle school students

*Monthly pay :  1,6 million won                           

*Housing : Single housing (housing allowance 400,000won)

*Starting date : March, 2018

*No, of foreign teachers : 1

*Vacation : 5 days in summer & 5 days in Winter

*Benefits : Severance pay, national health insurance, pension

Please send us your resume & photo by e-mail:


#0212-2(b) Sejong Position (New City)

*Preference : Gyopo

*Working days : Monday to Friday

*Working hours : 01:30 PM ~ 09:30 PM

*Teaching type : Elementary school students to high school students. 

*Monthly pay : 2.1~2.4million won

*Housing : Single housing                                         

*Starting date : ASAP, 2018

*Number of Foreign Teachers: 7

*Vacation: 3 ~ 7days

*Benefits : Airfare, severance, pension, and national health insurance.

Please send us your resume, photos &youtube by e-mail:


#60414-1 (K) Busan Jeonggwan New city Position

*Working days : Monday to Friday

*Working hours : A)9:00AM ~ 06:00PM

*Teaching type : Kindergarten Students ~ elementary school students

*Monthly pay : 2,1~2,3 million won

*Housing : Single housing

*Starting date : March, 2018

*Number of Foreign Teachers : 5

*Vacation : 5 days in summer & 5days in winter

*Benefits : Airfare, severance, health insurance and pension,

Please send us your resume& photo by e-mail:

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