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The author of this blog is an English teacher in rural South Korea. He likes it fine, this ruralness, maybe because he hails from America’s Midwest, that land of the small town. At ten, he wrote his first fictional story about a beagle trying his hand in the canine wrestling federation. At 22, he was recognized for the second time in his college soccer career for his outstanding sportsmanship, and – foreseeing the future accusations that he played like a ballet dancer, not a center midfielder, which were sure to arise due to such a fine reputation – committed libel in the school newspaper article that was supposed to mention the award, by writing that no player of ours made the conference’s goody-two-shoes all-sportsmanship squad, thank you very much. In Korea, he stills plays soccer, still eats like a college student, and enjoys listening to a good melancholic song during one of his favored pastimes: a cheap weekend bus ride to Who-Knows-Where, South Korea.


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